Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Recommitting to this Blogging Thing

This morning on Facebook a friend shared a link to a woman who intends to post a daily gratitude for each day in December. I loved that and thought "what a good idea" as I realized that I've kind of fallen away from my own gratitude practice. If you want to check it out, her blog is called "Bless Her Heart" and can be found at http://blessherheart.typepad.com/bless_her_heart/.

Then I decided to peek at my own blog - fall of 2007 was the last time I posted!! Wow, guess I'd kind of fallen away from this too - another sort of spiritual practice for me. I somehow got busy, help co-author a two-year spiritual journey curriculum, raised kids, canned food, taught lots of workshops and coached lots of folks - and neglected to take time for my own writing and blogging.

It was fun to wander through my blogging past today, reading old posts, seeing favorite pictures. So, with the inspiration of "Bless Her Heart" and getting reacquainted with my own blog, I will post more frequently than every 3 years. I'm excited!!