Friday, January 06, 2006

Quote of the Week - Rowan, age 7.5

2006 Resolutions

At school:
  • I will raise my hand when I have an answer and not be scared.
  • I will make new friends.
  • I will hold my pencil correctly.
  • I will be safe and respectful to all.

At home:

  • I will not complain when I practice piano.
  • I will help moms set up my playroom.
  • I will not yell at Gemma.

The End!

-Rowan, age 7.5 (school writing assignment)

1 comment:

-llm. said...

Wonderful resolutions! I really like the one about the pencil. Ruthie could also use some help there but lacks resolve to change in that area! :) -llm.