Monday, June 12, 2006

Our Family's Chatter Bug

Gemma is our famiy chatter bug. She has very easy access to her auditory self!!

Last night I was prepping several things for our new in-home summer childcare provider and Gemma was at my elbow the whole time, talking away. I'm a good listener and can hold a lot of words, but I was getting pretty fried. Finally, she said "mom, I'm talking so much that I even forgot what I was saying!"

Along the same theme, she graduated from preschool recently and said she was so glad to be "done with that." I was suprised, as she just has loved her preschool, so I asked her more about it. Her reply was "I don't like quiet time because I can't talk then and you know how hard it is for me to be quiet!"

I can just see next year's report card with the "code words" for letting us know she's a chatter bug
*Gemma has much to share with her classmates.
*Gemma is very social.
*Gemma has a lot to say.


Liza Lee Miller said...

Oh my can I relate. Ruthie is a chatterbox and loves it. She talks and talks and talks. I can't complain to my own mother about it though as she will simply laugh and laugh and laugh. Seems Ruthie comes by it honestly! Anyway, enjoy it. Let's just hope that these girls still want to share with us when they are teens!

Sonya said...

Too cute! Though I'm certain a little silence would be welcomed.

Clare said...

My fella just got an award in class for 'always contributing to discussion s in class' which I definately think was code for never never never not talking!