Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Look Who Is Playing Soccer

Gemma has now joined her sister in taking on the game of soccer. She's expressed interest for awhile now though we had to work through why she couldn't join The Panthers (Rowan's team) who are all 3 to 4 years older than her, much bigger than her and who have all been playing together since kindergarten themselves.

Once we overcame this initial roadblock, she was pretty excited about joining the MAYSA (Madison Area Youth Soccer Association) recreation league. All teams are formed by kids in the same school, so they play with friends and peers and teams often stay together for up to four years.

The first order of business for Gem was checking out the uniforms. Her team name is The Lorax (all MAYSA teams formed this spring are named after Dr. Seus characters). So she thought, logically, that their uniforms should be Lorax colored. However, she approved of the red and black and once satisified with the attire, hit the play field with much enthusiasm.

Post game we went shopping and managed to find itty-bitty shin guards and size 12 toddlers cleats! We often find her these days putting on her shin guards and cleats and prancing around in her uniform.

The kids have another practice tomorrow night with first game on Saturday.


Sonya said...

WTG Gemma! I hope you have great fun playing soccer.

Abby & Ellie are having a blast with their soccer. The uniforms were of HIGH importance here as well. Their are red & white but Ellie thought they should have been pink! They just got their first pair of soccer cleats this weekend, size 10 1/2 :), and are itching to wear them to their next game.

gabrielle said...

gemma looks great in her uniform and sounds like the first game went well, harriet is desperate to play but I am going to leave it a year and let her settle into school this winter