Monday, June 11, 2007

How Do You Know When....

your nearly nine year old's underwear has gotten too small?

Well, here's how "we" know - she stops wear it and goes wild and free and doesn't tell anyone.

Over the past couple of weeks, both Jani and I have noticed that Rowan doesn't seem to have a lot of pairs of underwear in the laundry. We both share the laundry duty, so at first just attributed it to the assumption that Rowan's underwear had been in a load that we each had not personally done.

Friday, however, we were doing laundry together and one of us asked the other if we'd noticed that Rowan hadn't seemed to have many pairs of underwear in the laundry lately and we wondered if they'd been in other loads. Hmmm, it became crystal clear as we shared laundry notes, that neither of us had seen barely a single pair this past week.

Inquiring minds really want to know where the underwear is - is it being worn and stashed someplace? Is it not being worn?

Upon asking her, Rowan got very quiet and said nothing. A follow-up question, "Honey, have you not been wearing underwear?" A slight, guilty-appearing head nod. "Honey, you need to wear underwear, because...." Sunddenly it dawns on us, "Is your underwear not feeling good?" Big head nod - jackpot! "It's too tight" was the reply.

Curious as to why she didn't just tell us the undies didn't fit, she just said she didn't want to have to go shopping for underwear (she is very choosy, which I get, who likes uncomfortable underwear). A trip to Kohls yesterday afternoon yielded several pairs of nice cotton undies - Jockey and Bali - without cumbersome waistbands that have the nearly-nine year old girl seal of approval. Today, her bottom is covered by Bali - no more wild and free!!


Liza Lee Miller said...

Oh Lord! At least we're not alone! You may remember that when Ruthie was in Kindergarten, she "forgot" to wear undies one day when she wore a dress. Since then, we always wear bike shorts under our dresses!

Anyway, she will occasionally forget underwear still -- going commando. Sigh. This from the girl who would like very much to wear one pair of socks all week. Argh!

I always have to laugh when one of these conversations who thought you'd never have to have comes along! :)

Laura said...

LOL, that is just too funny.

Casey said...

Hahahahaha! That is so funny and it has happened at my house as well. Recently, while we were in Seattle, my brother took Kelton shopping and all he really wanted was underwear. Yep - you guessed it. His old ones were too tight yet he never mentioned a word to me. Talk about a tad embarrassing for me... :)

gabrielle said...

this is too funny denise, yep i think you should definately bag and label the underwear if going commando is the alternative

mama kelly said...

ROFL ..... her reasoning was flawless though ... its the same rationale my 12 year old uses to avoid wearing a bra.

Mama Kelly