Monday, November 21, 2005

A Busy Day in November

I posted new pictures in a photo album at The link is below if you'd like to see more shots from our busy weekend.

So here it goes..All about our busy day...well, I should say weekend!

My folks came into Madison on Friday on their way to Naples, Florida for the winter, staying just Friday night and leaving early Saturday morning. My aunt and uncle (mom’s brother) came to dinner on Friday night to visit with everyone.

In the first picture, my Aunt Pat, a sixth grade math teacher, is enjoying time with Rowan and Gemma.

In the second picture, Rowan did the honor of cutting the pies for dessert under Grandma and Gemma’s supervision.

The third picture show the napkin rings the girls made to adore our table and in the fourth, you can see Gemma getting her nightly injection of growth hormone.

Early the next morning, after breakfast, the girls could hardly wait to play on the hide-a-bed sofa with the air mattress where Grandma and Grandpa had slept. It didn’t take long before 90% of their stuffed animal collection seemed to be sharing the bed with them.

Then we were off to a benefit concert for Gemma’s school, performed by Macaroni Soup, a duo from Chicago. Despite not knowing a thing about them pre-concert, we all had a great time.

You can see Gemma and her friend Z were happily dancing together.

Too cool to sit in the first couple of rows with her sister, but still enjoying the concert thoroughly, Rowan sat mid-way back from the stage, keeping her more refined second-grade cool and not dancing in the aisles.

When the main singer invited the 4 and 5 year old kids onto the stage to dance the Hokie Pokie, Gemma was on stage in a flash, not wanting to mis her stage debut!! Look carefully, she’s not in her customary foo-foo outfits, she’s wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. Later when the guitarist mistakenly took her for a boy, she was appalled and has vowed never to wear this shirt again!!!

No concert is complete without getting signed CDs from the artists!!!

Next we were off to an art show, held at Gemma’s preschool, another fund-raiser, with local fine artists showing their wears. No pictures here, though it was lots of fun.

Later our friend Marsha joined us for supper and then we met up with our volleyball crew for the final UW Women’s Volleyball home game of the season. We’ll find out next week if UW will be hosting an NCAA play-off game; let’s hope so!!!

The girls are pictured with two friends from piano lessons, sisters J & Q. Their season tickets just happen to be a couple of rows behind ours!!! The girls happily are looking through a program, pointing out their favorite players on the team and noting stats.

After the game, they ran down to the court to ask a couple of favorite players for photographs; first with Maria Carlini and second with Rowan’s most beloved player, senior Sheila Shaw. Such gracious and kind young women, I was very impressed!!!

Lastly, please meet one of Gemma’s many, many, many alter-egos, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!!


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Sounds like a delightful weekend!