Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Breaking News from the Koester-Jess Home

dateline - Jenifer Street
Gemma Rose has lost her first tooth at just a couple weeks shy of 5.5 years.

She first announced that the tooth was loose in mid-November and the dentist confirmed it during a check-up a week later.

We all started predicting when it would come out. She, of course, anticipated it would be out in just a couple of days. Rowan, Jani and I - all more experienced in the tooth-loss arena, cautioned that it might take a bit longer. But the three of us all predicted it was likely to be out within the month.
Would she lose it by Solstice - a new tooth for the Sun's birthday? Nope, the tooth was not yet ready to depart its first home.
As the days neared for us to leave for Florida, the tooth was still in place - getting ever so much more wiggly.
Maybe she'd lose it at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Will the tooth fairy find her there? Yes, the tooth fairy is wonderfully smart.
Nope, no tooth loss at Grandma and Grandpa's. Will she lose her tooth at Disney World? Maybe - yes the toothe fairy will find our hotel.
Nope, no tooth loss in the Magic Kingdom, so not all dreams come true there.
Great concern had now developed in the mind of this small girl - will her tooth "ever" fall out?
Rowan, the big sister in the know, told her that perhaps the tooth fairy was behind in her work after the holidays and perhaps put a spell on the tooth to hold it in place until she'd caught up on her work. This sounded quite reasonable to Gemma, given that Rowan's tooth loss resume certainly is far more extensive than her own.
Yesterday, the small girl appeared in front of me complaining that her tooth really hurt and was bleeding. Hm, could this be the moment of truth? Let me see, could I just give it a little twist? Oh no, off she ran, back upstairs to stare into the mirror somemore at her mouth. A few miinutes later she marched back into the living room, very excited and holding a tiny bit of calcium in her hand - the tooth was out!!! She's attempted to brush it and popped it right out. Her immediate declaration that the tooth fairy must have lifted the spell!!
Now, a new concern was voiced. Was it too cold for the tooth fairy to fly? No, we reassured her, it will be fine. How do we know? Hm, good question, should we google it? No, email her mom. Ok, let's see. We've discussed before that there are multiple tooth fairies, because its too great of a job to handle singly and that our area's tooth fairy has a name (Jenny, Jessie was her predessor) who is the Jenifer Street Tooth Fairy. Surely her business email address "must" be toothfairy.com. So we sent off a cyber connection to jenny@toothfairy.com asking if she could make a switft reply.
Thankfully, Mama J checked email at bedtime and got a reply from Jenny's secretary, saying Jenny had already left to start her route and would be at our house as soon as Gemma went to sleep. Never in the nearly 5.5 years that this child has been on this earth have we seen her go to sleep so fast!!! (Too bad she doesn't lose a tooth every day!!).
She awoke at 1:05 AM, yes you've read that correctly, to check her pillow. Us mamas were all snuggled in with cats all around us when an excited voice penetrated the quiet stillness of the sleeping house to announce that Jenny had come and left her a whole dollar and a letter. The letter said that Jenny was so excited she'd finally lost the tooth, yes she could fly in any weather and just had to beat her wings faster to stay warm. The letter was sealed with love and fairy kisses.


gabrielle said...

great news on the tooth fairy front for gemma, one of harriets faves at the moment is the charlie and lola book...my wobbly tooth must not ever, never come out

Gandksmom said...

Yeah Gemma! For some reason I can't see the pics!

Sonya said...

YAY!! I'm sure you are all excited and glad that this first tooth finally let loose.

Congrats Gemma!

Daria de la Luna said...

I think your local tooth fairy is so cool! I'm glad she took the spell off so that Gemma's tooth would come out. Such excitement! Gemma looks so grown up in these pictures, especially now that she is losing teeth!

momtothreeboys said...

Isn't it fun to get money from the tooth fairy?? I still remember the time I "added" a dollar to my "Tooth Fairy" present when I lost a tooth - I remember both of my parents looking at each other very confused when I held up TWO one dollar bills. I had NO idea that they were the faries (no pun intended) - I just wanted to be able to spend TWO dollars at the candy store instead of one.