Monday, February 05, 2007

My Knitting Portfolio

Last night I photographed and uploaded pictures of my knitting projects to share with friends on an on-line knitting list. I thought I'd share them here. The things pictured are the projects I've made since Thanksgiving. I've also done ponchos for the girls, but don't have them photographed as they are in the "spring/fall coat" storage box right now.

Here is a scarf and headband set I made in a couple of evenings for a friend's birthday. The pieces are done in a novelty yarn called Lion Boucle and the color is Wild Berry.

This is a cowl/hood thing that I made for Jani's Solstice gift. It's kind of neat - its a round scarf, done on circular needles. You can pull up the back of the cowl scarf to form a hood for colder weather. This one is made with a novelty yarn - Lion Boucle. It's too wide for Jani's liking, so I am modifying the pattern and shaping it a bit more and will make her another one in a chenille yarn. Rowan has laid claim to the cowl once Jani's new one is done and I've been wearing it to test it out and figure out how to modify the pattern. Jani's sister Sue wants one done in this same yarn and I've already made one for Jani's mom in a teal chenille yarn. I have a cowl/hood for myself still on my needles - hope to finish it today so I can wear it!! I've shaped the piece more than the instructions called for and am using a different stitch pattern, so we'll see how ti turns out - so far it looks great. Mine is done in a brown chenille with flecks of color.

Here's a hat I made for Rowan. I also made a second one for our 12 year old niece, Marissa. It's done in a rib stitch and then a stocknetter and then seamed. I made it using "Rowan" yarn which Rowan loved!! If I make more of these, I will do them on circular needles to reduce the number of seams.

Gemma's hat was also made with Rowan yarn too. I also made a second of these for another niece, Alyssa who is soon to be six. This one is all done in garter stitch with a gather at the top to "poof" it out and a chain stitched tie.

Projects on deck-

*another cowl for our friend, Marsha.

*Fiber Trends felted clogs - for something new to try!

*new afghans for the backs of our new couches (couches are sage green microfiber - they get delivered Wednesday!!)

*a few baby afghans to donate to St. Mary's NICU - since Gemma was a resident there and we appreciated how homely they attempt to make it - complete with little knitted things - I wanted to make a couple of blankets to donate.


Daria de la Luna said...

Your knitted creations are delightful! My almost grandma made my mom one of those cowls, out of dark red chenille. Boy, was I jealous when I saw it on. Those are neat! It looks like you're having a lot of fun with all this craftiness.

Sonya said...

Beautiful work!