Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer!!

-dateline, Madison, WI
Saturday, April 28, 2007
9:00 AM

Panthers (Rowan's team) vs. Vipers - Sandburg Park
Lorax (Gemma's team) vs. Merkles - Warner Park

Ah, the Saturday mornings of having two soccer games to attend have begun with Gemma's "season openner" and Rowan's 3rd game of the season happening at the EXACT same time in two different parks. This will be the only time during the spring season that the games are at different times. The other games have some lead time between each so we can make the mad dash to the next field.

Go for it, Gemma!! Don't ya' wonder where the rest of her team is? Most of the time these little guys play in a pack, all hundled around the ball with their arms spread wide. Here's a rare shot of the ball and a single player working it down the field.
Cuteness factor very high all around!! These little guys did great - even managed some passing and several of their goals were scored because they worked as a team. No official score since they do non-competitive play at this stage.
So while Gemma happily kicked and dribbled away, Rowan's team was keeping up their energy a few neighborhoods away against a tough team. They played well, especially the first half, and lost narrowly.

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