Thursday, May 24, 2007

Voice Messages

I get home from being with clients all day Wednesday to hear several voice messages...

VM #1 - no big deal - dealt with & deleted

VM #2 - dear friend - they had gotten a puppy over the weekend and we were over to their house, loving up the puppy. Puppy went for first vet appointment and they found out he has round worms - which can transfer to humans and are problematic for kids - vet advised that you all better call your doctor.

Oh joy! Luckly, I'm not too squeamish, so just add this to the long list of "to-dos" - call doctor.

VM #3 - the parent who runs Gemma's after school urban agriculture club - no club tomorrow - his kids are sick. They have chicken pox, despite having been vaccinated - and were at clubs during it turns out during their highly contageous period. So watch Gemma for signs of chicken pox, even if she's been vaccinated.

Lovely - two bizarre disease warnings right in a row.

Still two messages to go - I'm a bit curious to know what the next one will be.

VM #3 - Madison School Community Rec - a cultural arts class that each girl was going to take for three weeks this summer cancelled due to low enrollment. They have other things available for kids Rowan's age - not for Gemma though. What would we like to do?

Oh joy - a three week gap in the summer activities now appears on our calendar with other options filling up quickly.

One message left and I think, "please let this one have some positive closure on something."

VM #4 - another parent - the idea for sharing transportation to and from Girl Scouts for Gemma and her daughter sounds great - we're all square with that - see ya' Thursday.

HOORAY - at least I got positive closure on one of those messages.

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Liza Lee Miller said...

And people wonder why I'm reluctant to check my voicemail! At least you had a good attitude about it all! Yay you!