Monday, October 23, 2006

Closing Out the Fall Soccer Season with a Bang!

A true testimony to how much Rowan loves soccer - her two closing games for the fall season were played in weather that is best described as "nasty." Saturday's game (pictured above) was played in rain with temperatures just slightly above the freezing mark. Even in these conditions, you can see she still has a grin on her face. Later in the evening we were treated to 2.3 inches of snow!!! A record for southern Wisconsin in mid-October. She played again the next day in just above freezing temperatures in a field where some of the snow had melted and left behind large mud holes. Today we washed the uniform, cleats and shin guards and then we washed the washer to rid it of mud and grass.

Her team, The Panthers, won both of their games. Hard won victories by both kids and fans alike.

Ah, now just wait until those early spring games in April where we could end up repeating the whole scene.

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