Friday, October 20, 2006

Super Music Student

Yesterday was the first of four awards assemblies at Gemma's school. She received the Super Music Student Award from her music teacher (-: Upon hearing that she was to receive the award, Gemma decclared "oh I feel so good about myself." The proud parents were there to see her receive her award and enjoy each of the award recipients. (As the school year passes, each child receives an award from her/his classroom teacher and some kids get them from the specials teachers.)

Below are two pictures - one of Gemma holding her large C Clef Sign shaped award, wearing her favorite pink velour pants outfit (not what "I" would have chosen for her to wear - but its not about me -right!). The other is a picture I came across in our photo files of her ready to leave the NICU 14 days after her birth at 3 lbs 10 oz (birth weight of 3 lbs 4 oz). I was stunned when I looked at this picture five years later and loved the contrast of seeing baby Gemma and kindergarten Gemma - both with those wonderous and intense blue eyes staring out at us.

Five Year Old Kindergarten Gemma

14 Day Old Baby Gemma Leaving the NICU for the First Time


Kristen said...

Way to go! I don't think i've ever seen a picture of her. She's so cute!

Gandksmom said...

OMG Denise! She was so tiny and now look! She is just the cutest child I have ever seen! And hey, Katie wants to know if Gemma can tell her where you got that cool pink suit because Katie is all about PINK!

WTG Gemma!

Anonymous said...

big congrats miss gemma and what a fabulous outfit